Pat Mautloa - Shopping Woman
Shopping Woman
eleven colour lithograph
56.5 x 76 cm
Edition 50
Pat Mautloa - After Shopping
After Shopping

eight colour lithograph
56.5 x 76 cm
Edition 50

Working from his studio at the Bag Factory in downtown Johannesburg, Pat Mautloa studies the street life around him. The women roasting mielies (corn) over coal-fired tin braziers on street corners, the wholesalers and hawkers selling cheap imports from the Far East, the street traders who eke out a living with a few items on a small board near the busy intersections. These are the people who influence the life and work of Pat Mautloa. In the Shopping Women series, Pat has captured the feeling of moving through these streets, of making do with what is available, and the feeling of being swamped by the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Working with figurative elements, abstract textures and multiple colour overlays, the work exploits the potential of lithography. Pat has made innovative use of drawing materials for these prints, using found objects as stencils through which to spray tusche and toner. Textures are an important part of Pat's work, as he works he notices the mundane surfaces around him and will sometimes use these in his work. Unexpected things like the rough surface of a well used cutting board, or a worn out cotton rag, hold a new fascination and beauty for him. Delicate drawing and seemingly random splatter, entice the viewer and challenge one to look at the world in a new way.

Pat Mautloa is an artist whose work eludes a neat definition, as he is as comfortable in his abstract work as he is in the more figurative imagery. Most of his work is in oils and acrylic but he has also included found objects and collage in his two dimensional work and has also done a number of installations as well as doing photographic work. He studied art at Rorke's Drift Art Centre, KwaZulu Natal and at the Mofolo Art Centre in Soweto. He has participated in Thupelo and Triangle workshops, held numerous solo and group exhibitions, and has work in a number of important public collections across South Africa.


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Pat MautloaBORN 1952, Ventersdorp, South Africa.


1994 Unlocked, Goodman Gallery, Jhb

1999 Kagiso in Johannesburg, Goodman Gallery, Jhb


1989 With Bongi Dhlomo, Grassroots Gallery, Durban

1990 Untitled, two-person show with Madi-Phala, Thupelo Art Gallery, Jhb

1991 Where We Live, two-person show with Rochester Mafafo, Thupelo Art Gallery

1997 If You Scratch, two-person show with David Koloane, Gallery on the
Round, Grahamstown, then to Goodman Gallery, Jhb


1982 National Art Museum of Botswana, Gaborone

1983 Schwarze Kunst aus Südafrika, Germany

1985-92 FUBA/USSALEP, the Thupelo Project inaugural exhibition, Thupelo
Artists Gallery, Jhb

1986 Transitional Art, Goodman Gallery, Jhb

1987 Johannesburg Art Foundation and Rembrandt Gallery, Jhb

1988 The Neglected Tradition, Johannesburg Art Gallery and subsequent

1989 Third Havana Biennale, Cuba
Triangle Workshop Exhibition, Mashomack, New York State, USA.

1990 Impressions of Our World, New York City, USA
Painted People/ Painted Spaces, Newtown Galleries, Jhb

1991 Made in August, Newtown Galleries, Jhb
ICA -Inaugural Exhibition, Newtown, Jhb
Processed Image, Newtown Galleries, Jhb
Vita Art Now, Johannesburg Art Gallery, Jhb

1993 Millenniums, Newtown Galleries, Jhb
Everard Read Contemporary Gallery, Jhb
Grafolies '93 - First Abijan Bienniale, Cote d'Ivoire

1994 Biting the Ballot, Rembrandt Van Rijn Gallery, Jhb
Un Art Contemporain d'Afrique du Sud, Association Francaise d'Action,
The Grand Arche, Paris
Deutche Aerospace, Munich. In collaboration with Mercedes-Benz
Contemporary Art from South Africa, Ottobrun, Munich, Germany
Habitat Show, Newtown Galleries, Jhb

1995 Hassan, Koloane and Mautloa, Newtown Galleries, for Africus '95
first Johannesburg Biennale
Vita Art Now, Johannesburg Art Gallery
Venice Biennial, Italy
On the Road - Africa '95, Delfina Studio Trust, Bernie Jacobson Gallery,
London, U.K.

1996 Colours - Art from South Africa, House of World Cultures, Berlin,
Germany (exhibition opened by President Mandela, May 1996)
Hitch-hiker, Generator Art Space, Newtown (AICA), Jhb

1997 Lift Off, Inaugural Exhibition of the Goodman Gallery, Jhb
Michel Luneau Gallery, Nantes, France
Alternating Currents, 2nd Johannesburg Biennale - Trade Routes: History and
Geography, Jhb
Vita Art Now, Collaboration with Kay Hassan, Sandton Civic Art Gallery, Jhb

1999 AFRIQUES, Group photography show at La Mus~e de la Photographie ~t
Charleroi, Belgium
Artery, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town. A multi-venue exhibition in
collaboration with the Goodman Gallery, Jhb

2001 Thapong Group Show, Gaborone Museum, Botswana

2002 Travelling Group Show, Gallery Seippel, Köln, Germany


Thupelo: Johannesburg / Cape Town, South Africa

Triangle: New York State

Thapong: Botswana

Robert Blackburn: New York City

Triangle: Cuba

Koj: Modinagar, India 1998

Thapong: Gaborone, 2001


University of Zululand

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Tatham Art Gallery

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Meridian Biao Bank, S.A.

International Bank for Development and Reconstruction

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1977 OK Bazaars Art Scholarship

1981 OK Bazaars - Young Graphic Artist

Internet links: Pat Mautloa at the Bag Factory Studios 


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