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South African Art is diverse and exciting. South African art has a combined heritage of contact with modern and contemporary art practices as well as traditional African traditions. Thus in the South African art world you will find artists dealing with contemporary conceptual art issues much as you would find artists dealing with similar issues in the art capitals of the world such as New York and London. Examples of this kind of work can be seen in the work of Judith Mason, Alan Alborough and Kay Hassan.

South African art that looks more towards traditions within Africa can be found in the work of Jackson Hlongwane, Esta Mahlangu and Claudette Schreuders. In this work South African art exhibits its real strength and exploits the cultural resources that we have in a way that makes much of the work sublime.

Much had been written about South African art and any of the good bookshops in the country will have reference books that will prove invaluable to anyone interested in the subject. Elza Miles has written a number of books that focus particularly on Black Artists.

There are many fine art galleries around the country that focus on South African art and the range of these will suit the requirements of most buyers and collectors. It is also possible to buy South African art directly from the artists themselves although this will involve quite a lot of research to get the right contacts.







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