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Interior decorating with prints is a cost effective way of creating a unique interior space that will increase in value if the prints that are chosen are original prints that have been printed in a limited edition and have been signed by the artist. Interior decorating with prints allows a distinctive space to be created that uses original artworks and which is a lot cheaper to put together than a collection of work such as sculpture and oil paintings. Interior decorating with prints is ideal for both the corporate and home environments. Interior decorating with prints also allows the individual or organisation to collect a body of work by a particular artist that represents the artists voice and which can be added onto in a coherent way once the artist produces more work.

Interior decorating with prints also allows the collector to take a risk on upcoming artists and allows one to invest in work without breaking the bank. Over the years the work will hopefully appreciate in value and the collector will be rewarded for initially interior decorating with prints. One does need to be discerning when selecting the prints that one would ike to use and obviously the needs of the client must be taken into account as well as the need to research the provenance of the prints and the artists who they are done by. The Internet is a marvellous tool for doing this and time spent searching for info will usually be an indication of whether you should be using the work in your interior decorating or not.

Interior decorating with prints allows one to easily combine artwork with the furniture and the rest of the space. Print studios such as The Artists' Press have a variety of work available for purchase and within these collections one is usually able to find what one is looking for whether it is a mining scene, portrait of a woman or landscape. Printmaking is a technique that reflects each individual artist's vision and thus includes both monochromatic and colourful work. From conservative formats to the outrageous, interior decorating with prints will meet the needs of both you and your client.








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